Anne's Design Philosophy
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“Anne has that unique ability to know what you want and will love before you do, and the patience to work with you while you catch up."

- Senior Labour Negotiator- Airlines Industry

“Anne Boa has taken design style to a new level of excellence at Whistler, BC. Property values increase substantially with her choices of furnishings and finishes.”

- Real Estate Agent-client

“Anne has taken the stress out of building a new home. It evolved- we had a starting point, but Anne intuitively developed our dream with her artistic flair.”

- Whistler resident

“Never say never. There is always a way…is Anne’s approach. The bigger the challenge the better. Huge gratification and satisfaction. You want to pat yourself on the back for allowing her to help you! You wear a permanent smile!”

- West Vancouver resident

“Anne was a model of patience and diplomacy. She is one of the most organized professionals I have worked with and overlooked nothing. She worked within our budget to create an office that reflects our “character” and is unique, tasteful and highly workable. The results were wonderful.”

- Corporate President, Vancouver

“The wonderful way an otherwise ordinary room blossoms from your dextrous touch is a testament to your commitment to design and to your creative abilities. Interior Design is a process that involves excellent communication skills, creativity, sensitivity and talent; all qualities of yours.”

- Real Estate Agent/Client, Vancouver